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NVC Websites  NVC nonprofit in Santa Cruz, California (home base for Jean); workshops, classes, trainings, and 6-month Integration and Immersion Program (IIP). The international website for the Center for Nonviolent Communication; CNVC certified trainers; schedule for founder, Marshall B. Rosenberg; books, CDs, DVDs, training supplies. Books and games for parents and teachers. Includes the   “No Fault Zone Game.” Founded by educators Sura Hart and Victoria Kindle Hodson. The NVC Academy offers NVC teleclasses with CNVC certified trainers from around the world. A comprehensive 500 page guide for NVC facilitators by Lucy Leu, Raj Gill, and Judy Morin. When you purchase the book, they give you web support with videos and handouts. Puddle Dancer Press publishes books by Marshall Rosenberg and other NVC authors. It’s also a resource for sharing and learning NVC. Designed by Bridget Belgrave and Gina Lawrie, the NVC Dance Floors provide kinesthetic learning of NVC. Also a kinesthetic learning tool to give empathy to yourself and others created by Marc Weiner. John Cunningham offers a free downloadable booklet with all the components of NVC. NVC trainer Ian Peatey calls his site "the most extensive source for Nonviolent Communication resources on the web"