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A Note to International Customers

We currently have Collaborators licensed in five countries who provide many of our products in their languages—Brazil, the Netherlands, Spain, Japan, and Romania. If you are a NVC practitioner interested in becoming licensed to translate, print, and sell our products in your country, please contact us at nvcproducts@baymoon.com and we will explain the process of becoming licensed as a Collaborator. We are especially interested in partnering with collaborators in Canada, Australia or New Zealand, and Germany. 

You can find our current Collaborators on the following websites:

Netherlands: http://www.earthgames.nl/catalogsearch/result/?q=GROK

Spain: http://simple.cat/shop/ (GROKit manual also available in English)

Brazil:  https://colabcolibri.com/loja/

Japan: Communication FUNdamentals only available in Japanese. Email okabe@e-nadia.com

Romania: https://comunicarenonviolenta.ro/grok/