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BIG GROK for Trainers, Educators, Facilitators, Therapists

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BIG GROK Cards has two sets of large cards (10”x2.5”): 75 FEELINGS cards and 75 NEEDS/VALUES cards. 

An instruction booklet contains descriptions of 25 ways to engage a group (10-75 participants; ages  8-adult) in discovery, understanding, listening, and connection. Playing these games and exercises can open the door for better choices, decisions, goals, and strategies to support health and well being in relationships, work environments, classrooms, and communities.<--break-> They are ideally suited for educational, business, corporate, and any group setting of more than 10 people.

Play the games and exercises to:

• promote social and emotional intelligence

• foster group cohesion and connection

• encourage listening and empathy skills

• create better understanding in relationships

• clarify goals and group vision/mission

• celebrate accomplishments

• improve communication

• assist in resolving conflicts

We ship within seven days of ordering. If you live in California, state sales taxes apply. For international orders there are two shipping options listed on the shipping page. Please note that both of these options take the same time to arrive (1-2 weeks).

1 - 4$45.00
5 - 8$35.00
9 - Unlimited$25.00
1 253.00