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GrokIt List of Contents

GROKit! contains the following chapters:
 Facilitation guide
 150 NVC exercises, games, and mixers
 Handout and materials masters
 NVC worksheets for exercises
 Inspirational stories, poems, and quotes
 NVC resources page
 Journaling page examples

Some of the items you will find in the manual include:

 Suggestions to prepare for, open, and close a workshop, as well as things to consider during a workshop or class
 NVC exercises, organized in 9 subjects including: NVC Awareness, Honesty, Empathy, Self-Empathy, and O F N R
 Exercises designated for all levels of experience
 A range of exercise "moods" from serious to light and lively
 Short games, ice-breakers, and "fillers" that can be used at any time
 Fun and playful games to energize a group
 Contributions from other NVC trainers
 Guidelines for Practice Groups
 Feedback Forms for classes and workshops
 Our "Circle of Life" mandala which can be used to illustrate the four NVC components and their distinctions
 A Floor Map that matches the "Circle of Life" mandala with instructions for use
 A variety of feelings and needs lists -- pick the one you like
 Quotes from Marshall Rosenberg captured over the past 23 years
 Quotes and poetry from spiritual teachers, inspiring writers, and several NVC trainers