FAQ | Grok the World!


1.     Can I pay for products without using PayPal?
Yes. Email us the following information: the products and quantities you would like to order; your full address and phone.  We'll email you back the total amount of your order including shipping and handling and taxes if applicable. Then, send us a check and we will promptly mail the products.
2.     How do I purchase items from other countries (including Canada)?
Our website is capable of determining shipping and handling to any country where the US Postal Service ships. If you are having any difficulty, please contact us.
3.  Regarding international mailing, what is the difference between USPS Priority Mail and First-Class Package?
Basically, the difference is cost. Either service will arrive approximately the same time, so we suggest you choose the less expensive option.
4.     I’m interested in translating your products into another language. Can I do that? 
Several of our products have been translated into other languages and we have licensing agreements with individuals in other countries. If this interests you, please write and let us know what you are wanting to translate and we will work with you to find a way for all of us to get our needs met.