GROK the World games and materials are supporting people around the world to better understand each other, to connect more easily, to speak more honestly, to listen compassionately, and to foster goodwill. Our products invite deep conversations as well as playful interactions for individuals, couples, families, and business or organizational groups.

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We currently have Collaborators licensed in five countries who provide many of our products in their languages—Brazil, the Netherlands, Spain, Japan, and Romania. If you are a NVC practitioner interested in becoming licensed to translate, print, and sell our products in your country, please contact us at and we will explain the process of becoming licensed as a Collaborator. We are especially interested in partnering with collaborators in Canada, Australia or New Zealand, and Germany. 

You can find our current Collaborators on the following websites:


Spain: (GROKit manual also available in English)


Japan: Communication FUNdamentals only available in Japanese. Email

Romania (pending): email

GROK Games

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GROK* is a set of 20 relationship games and exercises designed to help us listen deeply to each other's values, needs, wishes, hopes and dreams; and to listen to oneself for clarity and self-connection. These games are fun, engaging, and educational; with no ‘winners and losers’. GROK offers a different model, a game where everybody not only wins, but also experiences deeper connection with themselves and others.

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1 - 8$28.00
9 - 15$20.00
16 - 39$17.00
40 - Unlimited$14.00

BIG GROK for Trainers, Educators, Facilitators, Therapists

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BIG GROK Cards has two sets of large cards (10”x2.5”): 75 FEELINGS cards and 75 NEEDS/VALUES cards. 

An instruction booklet contains descriptions of 25 ways to engage a group (10-75 participants; ages  8-adult) in discovery, understanding, listening, and connection. Playing these games and exercises can open the door for better choices, decisions, goals, and strategies to support health and well being in relationships, work environments, classrooms, and communities.<--break-> They are ideally suited for educational, business, corporate, and any group setting of more than 10 people.

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1 - 3$45.00
4 - 7$35.00
8 - Unlimited$25.00

Communication FUNdamentals -- 2nd Edition--NEW!

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This 2nd edition illustrated 78-page book uses the metaphors of Jackal and Giraffe to represent two distinct ways we orient our thinking, speaking, listening, and responding -  either in ways that stimulate separation, stress and upset (the Jackal way), or in ways that connect us to the heart of a situation and each other (the Giraffe way).

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1 - 5$12.00
6 - 19$10.00
20 - Unlimited$8.00

Comunicación VIVA

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Comunicación VIVA

Este divertido y perspicaz de 56 páginas folleto ilustra la diferencia entre la vida y el lenguaje - alienante vida - de servir. El uso de chacal y jirafa dibujos , Comunicación VIVA le guiará a través de las herramientas y la conciencia de la Comunicación No Violenta desarrollado por Marshall Rosenberg. 

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1 - 19$10.00
20 - Unlimited$5.00

GROKit! NVC Facilitation Manual

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A 280-page illustrated manual for teachers, group leaders, facilitators, counselors, and all those who are working with groups to improve communication, learn NVC, or just to connect with each other in fun and engaging activities.

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1 - 4$45.00
5 - 9$35.00
10 - Unlimited$25.00

Feelings on Parade

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Illustrated by author and long-time NVC trainer Jean Morrison, Feelings on Parade is a delightful frolic through a range of feelings and needs with a family of bears in a parade. 

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1 - 5$14.00
6 - 9$12.00
20 - Unlimited$9.00


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Kids GROK is designed to increase children’s social and emotional learning using 54 beautifully illustrated feelings & needs/values cards. The instruction booklet describes 22 games and activities, both playful and meaningful; most suitable for children ages 3-10. Teachers, parents, and counselors use Kids GROK to improve communication, increase empathy and honesty, and tounderstand, accept, and regulate their emotions

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1 - 4$20.00
5 - 15$16.00
16 - 29$15.00
30 - Unlimited$12.00

Magnetic GROK

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Magnetic GROK is a set of 180 Feelings, Needs, and connecting words (please note there are 3 blue sheets of words, and only one is shown in the photo) that can be placed on your refrigerator or any metallic surface. Play with these words daily to help you deepen your understanding of yourself and others. Bring mindful awareness to each day for discovery, connection, and fun! 

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1 - 15$9.00
16 - 99$4.50
100 - Unlimited$3.00

Circle of Life

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We'd love to offer you a complimentary copy of our NVC Mandala "Circle of Life". We designed this as a visual accompaniment to teaching Nonviolent Communication.

click to download Circle of Life, color
click to download Circle of Life, B & W
click to download Circle of Life Description

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